ISHWAR Society held a Camp in Jaipur on 18-19 Apr.2011. This Camp was organised with collaboration of DARSHAN Institute, Jaipur. Mr. Kapil Pratihar, Branch Manager, Jaipur was In-Charge of the Camp. On the first day, 18 Apr.2011, Mr. Naveen Chawla, Former Election Commissioner, along with the Chief Secretary of Rajasthan, Mr. Salauddin Ahmed visited the Camp. They were very appreciative of the work of ISHWAR. They saw the patients.
Project Beneficiaries:
A total of 10 patients out of 13 registered for the Camp were fitted with calipers and limbs.
In order to boost up activities in Jaipur Centre, an Artificial Limb / Caliper Fitment Camp was organized in Jaipur on 26 Apr.08. The Society fitted 17 persons in all including 4 artificial limbs and 13 calipers to the adults/children during the 2 day camp. During the camp, earlier/old patients were also reviewed.
Manny’s Caring Hands (USA) Team visited India from 3 Jan. to 14 Jan. 09. Along with the ISHWAR team, the Mission carried out post polio corrective surgeries at Ferozepur and Jaipur. The after care and fitment of surgery and non-surgeries were taken up by ISHWAR with technical support from Endolite India Limited at Ferozepur, Jaipur and Gurgaon. Altogether 51 young children benefitted by way of 11 corrective surgeries, 8 artificial limb fitments and 32 calipers fitted during the Mission.
Regular fitments of calipers and artificial limbs is carried out at our centres i.e. Delhi, Jaipur and Sub-Centre at Gurgaon throughout the year.
Encouraged by the response received from New Delhi’s ISHWAR P&O Centre, opening of another centre was being considered by the Society when an opportunity arose by way of an offer from DARSHAN Trust in Jaipur to set up an ISHWAR Centre within their premises at Jaipur. A full fledged P&O Centre was subsequently established within the premises of DARSHAN-5 Bambala Institutional Area, Off. Tonk Road, Sanganer, Jaipur and it was inaugurated on 22 Sep.07 by Mrs. Neerja Lath, Trustee, of DARSHAN Trust. A number of disable people have since benefitted from this P&O centre and their number is gradually on the increase.
In the year 2008, Manny’s Caring Hands chose to do away with surgeries because of non-availability of surgeons due to reasons beyond control and it was therefore decided to focuses only on prosthetic & orthotic fitments through ISHWAR. Accordingly, ISHWAR conducted the Mission in 2 legs. Leg 1 at Dr. Anil Baghi Hospital, Ferozepur (Punjab) from 8 Jan. to 11 Jan.08 and Leg 2 at ISHWAR P&O Centre, Jaipur from 15 Jan. to 17 Jan.08. A total 41 fitments were carried out including 7 prostheses and 34 calipers to poor children during the Mission.
Year Location Duration Hospital/ Institution Team No. of Beneficiaries No. of Surgeries No. of Fitments Remarks
Surgery patient Non Surgery patients
02 – 06 Aug 2019 Patna Bharat Vikas Viklang Nyas 1. Dr. Ernst Orthner (Austria)
2. Dr. Heinz Burger (Austria)
3. Ms. Veronika Gattermayr (Austria)
4. Col. R C Katoch (Retd.) (VP, Endolite India Ltd.)
5. Mr. Birendra Prasad ( RM, Endolite India Ltd.)
6. Mr. Ravi Ranj
26 13 14 21
08 – 13 Aug 2019 Chennai Sri Hospitals 1. Dr. Ernst Orthner (Austria)
2. Dr. Alexander Schwertner (Austria))
3. Ms. Veronika Gattermayr (Austria)
18 32 22 14
26 Oct 2019 Kolkata Hope Kolkata Foundation Dr. Ernst Orthner 1 2
28 – 31 Oct 2019 Nagercoil (Kanyakumari) Dr. Jeyasekharan Medical Trust Hospital 1. Dr. Ernst Orthner (Austria)
2. Dr. Dirk Frank Thummler (Austria)
9 13 14 3
27 Dec 2019 to 02 Jan 2020 Srinagar Khyber Medical Institute 1. Dr. Ernst Orthner (Austria)
2. Dr. Thorsten Randt (Germany)
24 17 26 24
2020 updated success updated success updated success updated success updated success updated success updated success update updated success
Total 76 62

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