The beginning of the year i.e. 26 Jan.01, India saw one of the biggest earthquakes in Kutch region of Gujarat where over 2000 people lost their lives. A number of villages were razed to the ground and large number of people were wounded and lost their limbs. The Society collaborated with Ms. Nikki Butler, an AK amputee philanthropist from New Zealand to conduct a limb fitting camp in the earthquake devastated area and fitted limbs, many of which she had collected with her efforts had in New Zealand. It was a remarkable gesture by her. Ishwar team, duly supported by Endolite and PCI, all part of Prime Group, provided all local fitment support including material, manpower, logistics and organization support.
The camp was planned in village Dhudhai near Bhuj. A number of visits were made in the entire area to reach out to those who had lost their limbs in the earthquake and inform them about the camp. The dates for fitment were from 02 Oct. to 12 Oct.02. Member of Parliament from that constituency Mr. Gadvi, inaugurated the camp. A total of 72 amputees were fitted with hi-tech artificial limbs during that period. Later, a follow up visit was made to review the fitments. This was much appreciated.
Year Location Duration Hospital/ Institution Team No. of Beneficiaries No. of Surgeries No. of Fitments Remarks
Surgery patient Non Surgery patients
02 – 06 Aug 2019 Patna Bharat Vikas Viklang Nyas 1. Dr. Ernst Orthner (Austria)
2. Dr. Heinz Burger (Austria)
3. Ms. Veronika Gattermayr (Austria)
4. Col. R C Katoch (Retd.) (VP, Endolite India Ltd.)
5. Mr. Birendra Prasad ( RM, Endolite India Ltd.)
6. Mr. Ravi Ranj
26 13 14 21
08 – 13 Aug 2019 Chennai Sri Hospitals 1. Dr. Ernst Orthner (Austria)
2. Dr. Alexander Schwertner (Austria))
3. Ms. Veronika Gattermayr (Austria)
18 32 22 14
26 Oct 2019 Kolkata Hope Kolkata Foundation Dr. Ernst Orthner 1 2
28 – 31 Oct 2019 Nagercoil (Kanyakumari) Dr. Jeyasekharan Medical Trust Hospital 1. Dr. Ernst Orthner (Austria)
2. Dr. Dirk Frank Thummler (Austria)
9 13 14 3
27 Dec 2019 to 02 Jan 2020 Srinagar Khyber Medical Institute 1. Dr. Ernst Orthner (Austria)
2. Dr. Thorsten Randt (Germany)
24 17 26 24
2020 updated success updated success updated success updated success updated success updated success updated success update updated success
Total 76 62

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