As CSR initiative, Riello PCI India Pvt. Ltd in collaboration with International Society for Human Welfare and Rehabilitation (ISHWAR) planned to execute a Camp for Fitment of Prosthesis and Orthosis for benefit of Poor Physically Handicapped Persons of Villupuram, chennai and adjoining Areas. The pre screening Camp to select the deserving and access them for their Specific requirement by the trained prosthetists was conducted on 19thDec, 2015 at Ashan kalyana mandapam, Opp new Bus stand, villupuram, Chennai. This will be followed by Final Fitment Camp on 27th Mar. 2016 in VRP matriculation school, Villupuram. Brig. V.K. Bajaj (Vice – President, ISHWAR), Mr. Srinath (District disabled rehab. officer), Mr. Palzani (Villupuram dist disabled association head) and Mr. Sakthivel (Villupuram dist. disabled association secretary) were the chief guest for the ISHWAR Prescreening camp at Villupuram, Chennai. Selection of patients for Orthotics and Prosthetics Fitments was carried out on19th Dec, 2015. A total of 150 physically challenged patients have registered for requirement of Prosthetic and Orthotic devices. Out of 150 patients, 16 Patients (Fitments - 20, 04 being bilateral patients) were selected for Final Fitment on 27th Mar. 2016. Efforts of ISHWAR towards the benefit of poor handicapped persons were appreciated by all ISHWAR TEAM: Brig. V.K. Bajaj (Retd.) (Vice President, ISHWAR) Mr. Brightex (Senior P&O) Mr. B. Sureshkumar ( P&O) Mr. Ayyappan (P&O) Mr. Samson (P&O, 4th year student) Mr. Sriduth (P&O, 4th year student)
ISHWAR Mission was held in Jan.2006. The team carried out post polio corrective surgeries in Chennai and Delhi and the after care and fitments were taken up by ISHWAR Society. Altogether, 126 young children were benefitted with the joint effort of Ishwar and Manny’s Caring Hands of U.S.A. Following cases were undertaken:-
Surgeries — 26 Prostheses — 02 Calipers — 98
The Mission was undertaken in the month of Feb.2005. The team carried out post polio corrective surgeries in Chennai and Delhi and the `after care’ and fitments were taken up by ISHWAR. A total of 7 surgeries were performed and following 27 fitments were done:-
Prostheses — 01 Calipers — 26
Since ISHWAR/MCH Mission was very successful in 2002, it was converted into an annual feature. Thereafter, Mission 2003 was conducted in Jan. 2003 in Chennai. A team of specialists from U.S.A and the surgeons from Austria performed post polio surgeries followed by fitment of calipers. The 10 day mission achieved the following:-
Prostheses & Orthoses — 03 Calipers — 58 Knee Braces — 08 Surgical Shoes — 06 Spinal Braces — 02 Crutches issued — 16
It was in 2002, that Manny’s Caring Hands an NGO from USA approached ISHWAR for providing a Prosthetist to join its mission team for corrective surgeries and subsequent fitment of calipers they were planning in Kerala. ISHWAR provided them with a Prosthetist who joined their mission and undertook 43 fitments in Kerala and Chennai.
Year Location Duration Hospital/ Institution Team No. of Beneficiaries No. of Surgeries No. of Fitments Remarks
Surgery patient Non Surgery patients
02 – 06 Aug 2019 Patna Bharat Vikas Viklang Nyas 1. Dr. Ernst Orthner (Austria)
2. Dr. Heinz Burger (Austria)
3. Ms. Veronika Gattermayr (Austria)
4. Col. R C Katoch (Retd.) (VP, Endolite India Ltd.)
5. Mr. Birendra Prasad ( RM, Endolite India Ltd.)
6. Mr. Ravi Ranj
26 13 14 21
08 – 13 Aug 2019 Chennai Sri Hospitals 1. Dr. Ernst Orthner (Austria)
2. Dr. Alexander Schwertner (Austria))
3. Ms. Veronika Gattermayr (Austria)
18 32 22 14
26 Oct 2019 Kolkata Hope Kolkata Foundation Dr. Ernst Orthner 1 2
28 – 31 Oct 2019 Nagercoil (Kanyakumari) Dr. Jeyasekharan Medical Trust Hospital 1. Dr. Ernst Orthner (Austria)
2. Dr. Dirk Frank Thummler (Austria)
9 13 14 3
27 Dec 2019 to 02 Jan 2020 Srinagar Khyber Medical Institute 1. Dr. Ernst Orthner (Austria)
2. Dr. Thorsten Randt (Germany)
24 17 26 24
2020 updated success updated success updated success updated success updated success updated success updated success update updated success
Total 76 62

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