I have the proud privilege to have founded the International Society for Human Welfare & Rehabilitation (ISHWAR) in the year 1995 with the sole aim to work for the physically challenged and underprivileged. This may appear a bit clichéd. But the truth is that, a colossal amount of efforts are required in this direction. With over seven million Indians with locomotor disabilities, there is a need for thousands of dedicated professionals and workers in this field.

Ours is a small and humble beginning. Starting out with helping a few underprivileged children, monetarily for education, the society now runs full fledged Artificial Limb Centres in New Delhi & Jaipur, fitting Hi- Tech artificial limbs using the latest technology in vogue.

The Almighty has given us wisdom and the strength to undertake this Social venture. He will therefore, also provide the resources for the services that the Society renders, and only He knows, it may be through your kind and benevolent hands in some form or the other. All that we really ask for is that He reinforces our will and dedication to work for the physically challenged and enables us to reach out to as many as we possibly can.

With our best wishes,
Surinder Mehta

Aims & Objectives

  • To promote, assist and aid in promotion of the physical, material, educational, moral and civic welfare of the physically handicapped, mentally challenged and also educationally and economically weaker sections of the society, irrespective of their caste, creed, colour, community, religion, race or language.

  • To establish, develop, maintain, and administer medical institutions, welfare institutions, and educational institutions.

  • To promote, provide and conduct technical education, sports, research and experiments on behalf of the above beneficiaries.

  • To do business of trading, manufacturing, distributing etc., in the interest of the Society and raise resources for the activities of the society.

  • To publish, issue, distribute journals and other published materials to propagate the ideals of the Society without any motive of profit.

  • To raise funds by way of contribution by members, grants, donations, charity show, gifts etc. that may not violate or contravene any section of the Societies Registration Act 1890.

All incomes, earning, moveable and/ or immoveable properties of the Society are solely utilized and applied towards the promotions of its aims and objective only and no profit there of shall be paid, in any manner whatsoever to any member of the Society or his/ her heir.

No member has any personal claim on nay moveable or immoveable property of the Society nor makes any profit whatsoever by virtue of its membership.

Our Mission

ISHWAR’s mission is to enhance the quality of life of the physically challenged and the marginalized & vulnerable sections of the society and help them to actively participate in the over all growth of the society and the Nation.

Our Mission


Our Vision

  • To undertake projects on services and welfare activities for the physically challenged

  • To work in close co-ordination with other like minded organisation for advocacy & implementation of projects for the physically challenged.

  • To become an apex National level operational NGO by 2020.

Our Goals

  • Strive for an all inclusive society.

  • Strive to provide complete Rehabilitation services to the physically challenged.

  • Strive to undertake training & research in the field of Prosthetics & Orthotics.

Our Mission



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