ISHWAR in collaboration with PEL (Prime Electric ltd), conducted an artificial limb/Limb Support fitment screening Camp at Z P School, Menakur, Naidupet on 17th &18TH Oct..2012.Main limb fitting camp was conducted on 14th Dec, 2012 at same premises. A total of 156 needy patients visited the Camp who was screened for fitment of Prosthetic and Orthotic devices by the ISHWAR team of Prosthetist. Out of these, 25 Patients were fitted, the rest being either unsuitable for fitment or those requiring corrective surgery.
Ishwar Society Has Conducted Artificial Limb/ Caliper Fitment Camp In Menakur Village, Naidupetah, Nellore Dist. On 3 And 4 Sep.2011.Their Assessment And Measurements Taken On 16-17 Jul.2011. It Was Organized With The Support Of Prime Electric Limited.
SHWAR Society had conducted an Artifical Limb/Caliper Fitment Camp in Menakur Village, Naidupetah, Nellore Dist. on 3 and 4 Sep. 2011. It was organised with the support of Prime Electric Limited. Mr. J. Brightex ( Sr. Prosthetist ) was In-charge of the Camp. A total of 44 physically challenged had been registered for fitments and their measurements were taken on 16-17 Jul. 2011. There were 40 beneficiaries with 32 calipers and 08 prostheses fitted.
Year Location Duration Hospital/ Institution Team No. of Beneficiaries No. of Surgeries No. of Fitments Remarks
Surgery patient Non Surgery patients
02 – 06 Aug 2019 Patna Bharat Vikas Viklang Nyas 1. Dr. Ernst Orthner (Austria)
2. Dr. Heinz Burger (Austria)
3. Ms. Veronika Gattermayr (Austria)
4. Col. R C Katoch (Retd.) (VP, Endolite India Ltd.)
5. Mr. Birendra Prasad ( RM, Endolite India Ltd.)
6. Mr. Ravi Ranj
26 13 14 21
08 – 13 Aug 2019 Chennai Sri Hospitals 1. Dr. Ernst Orthner (Austria)
2. Dr. Alexander Schwertner (Austria))
3. Ms. Veronika Gattermayr (Austria)
18 32 22 14
26 Oct 2019 Kolkata Hope Kolkata Foundation Dr. Ernst Orthner 1 2
28 – 31 Oct 2019 Nagercoil (Kanyakumari) Dr. Jeyasekharan Medical Trust Hospital 1. Dr. Ernst Orthner (Austria)
2. Dr. Dirk Frank Thummler (Austria)
9 13 14 3
27 Dec 2019 to 02 Jan 2020 Srinagar Khyber Medical Institute 1. Dr. Ernst Orthner (Austria)
2. Dr. Thorsten Randt (Germany)
24 17 26 24
2020 updated success updated success updated success updated success updated success updated success updated success update updated success
Total 76 62

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